1. Quicksand

Elyse Miller: vocal, guitar
Scott Russell: drums
Jonah Brockman: bass, piano, banjo, strings, vocals

Written by Elyse Miller
Recorded at The Music District by Shane Zweygardt
Additional recording at Tunegopher Studios by Jonah Brockman
Mixed and mastered by Jonah Brockman
Production made possible by Emily Satterlee at Ity Dity

Released August 31, 2018
© Elyse Miller 2018


The barren morning is unforgiving Light overtakes the hapless land Look for our children Their shadows disappear… In quicksand It’s ten to one, there’s no way out The shadows hang above our heads now At noon there were nests on fire If only we’d heeded the messenger We look for our children Where are our children? We look out for our children Where are our Late afternoon when crows in the trees Show a bird’s eye view, a steady blackening Of the air, of the air A steady blackening of the air, of the air Night crawls quickly Unforgiving Darkness takes the sunburned land Where are our children? All is in shadow Sinking… In quicksand